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Tons of huge updates: Going to just copy and paste from Discord!

Rune items and other items are now Alchable. Xp rates have been dropped.
The home portal has been fixed, and turned around as well, Roofs in the bank, general store, and buildings across bridge will now disappear when entering, the bridge is also now going to be functional, Chasm of fire is also now fixed and useable.
Online store reworked / items added / removed!
All shops Ingame have now been modified! Price fixes, organization and more!
Website online store rework.
Basilisk Knights added.
Basilisk Knight drop table added.
In game blood money > Coins conversion nerfed.
In game stores prices have fluctuated.
Item combining for Neitiznot Faceguard added. Including Reversing the combination.
Today, I have modified the online donator store, I've removed "almost" every item that may be obtained by an npc, As I am not aiming to be a P2W Server. and it was brought to my attention that was the direction our store was going in.
Launcher has been released! https://sapphire-ps.com/download/
All Ladders / stairs / ropes will now work 100% properly.
Launcher will now display players online.
more to come!
Donator zone has been released!
Ironman mode will now received items from their own specific drop table
occult altar will now be functional in your home on next update.
Zenyte Donators will now start at wave 35 of Inferno, Onyx 30, Dragonstone 25, Diamond 20, Ruby 15, Sapphire 10, and non donators will be 0.
Zenyte Donators will now need 10 KC to enter a Godwars boss room, Onyx 15, Dragonstone 20, Diamond 25, Ruby 30, Sapphire 35, Rest 40.
emails received from site now works properly
voting is fixed