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Venenatis Guide


Venenatis is a pretty simple boss which is located at 28 wild just part east dragons.

You have 2 options to get to Venenatis that is either pay 100 blood money and use the paid option under the monster tab via the teleport portal
Or you can do ::easts and run past the Green dragons up to 28 wildy.

The inventory is as follows bare in mind food will be different depending on the player. If you don't have a Royal seed pod I do highly suggest a glory as you can tele up to 30 wildy with either.


You can use any setup, I prefer either black d'hide or karils due to being in the wildy and because of pkers, unless you have void, below is 2 examples


All you have to do to kill this boss is to keep running west until she's off her webs I'll show an example below.

There is 3 things to look out for while killing the boss

#1 Pkers are it's in the wildy you will be at risk of potentially getting pked
#2 When she shoots her web it will stun you and it does stack damage
#3 She does something that looks like a weaken spell and it drains you're prayer so keep an eye on it