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Julia - Hello




I'm Julia im 22 years old atm turning 23 soon!

I'm from France, and been playing here for a bit,while i guess :) you can find me ingame under the name Julia aswell, I like photoshop and editing video's will post my work soon. I'm also in discord if you need help or someone to talk to :) I work as an assistant at a bank mostly night times, sometimes on daytime, its fun.

Ingame you can find me doing raids with people and killing the big green/red/blue snek to get the blue colour and jar or swamps to put into our houses! for scales pm me i'll hit you up

Happy to be here!



Jeff Aero

Hey Julia!
Glad to have you here.
You've been a huge help and a great addition to the player base.
Hope to continue to see you around here :)