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Donations FAQ


Community Manager

How does it work?
On our online store you can purchase credits with PayPal. You can then spend these credits on anything in our store! Once you purchase your items & checkout, speak to the in game credit manager at home to claim your donation items. Once claimed this will add a total amount donated to your account. Our donation tier system works off this amount. See our Donator ranks thread here to see prices & tiers.
Why should I donate?
Your donations go directly back to helping support the server. Ensuring to keep Sapphire running in terms of Development/Hosting/Advertisement costs. We will never ask you to donate but we do appreciate all donations!
Can i donate with OSRS Gold?
We do take OSRS gold, At an exchange rate of .45 = 1m. If you wish to donate with 07gp pm Sapphire on forums or discord.
Do you take any other methods?
At the moment we are currently only taking PayPal and OSRS Gp. We are working on expanding so that everyone has a chance to donate!

Can i donate for total spent?
Yes you can donate for total spent. You won't recieve credits for this donation however you will recieve double total spent. $100 = $200. If you wish to do so PM Sapphire.